iTunes Album Artwork Finder: Automatically Find & Add

When you purchase songs online, it is typical for them come with detailed information, including name of album, song title, year of release and genre as well as album artwork. At least, this is what happens when you buy songs from the iTunes Music Store.

But such information is often missing from songs ripped from CDs or downloaded from other online platforms such as sharing sites or blogs. Believe it or not, the experience is not complete when your songs, playlists and albums do not have album artwork. Thankfully, you can use iTunes album artwork software to automatically find cover art for songs and albums that do not have one.

You can use iTunes itself to find missing album artwork for songs in your library. There are two ways through which this can be achieved.

Method 1: Automatic download

There is a feature in iTunes that makes it possible to have album artwork automatically downloaded for songs that are lacking one. Navigate to Preference menu > Store and select the option to automatically download missing album artwork. Once you have done this, iTunes will automatically attempt to find any missing album artwork when you import CDs or add songs to your music library. If you do not see any artwork while importing a CD, you should not be worried, as this will only be added when all songs have been added.

Method 2: Get Album Artwork

It is likely that some album artwork may still be missing after employing the first method. In that case, select the song you want to add artwork to, click on the Advanced menu at the top of the iTunes screen and select Get Album Artwork. You may also just right-click on the song or album with missing artwork and select Get Album Artwork from the menu that comes up. Of course, you need to be connected to the Internet to do this successfully. A message is displayed before connection is established to the iTunes Store, asking if you are sure you want to find and download album artwork. Uncheck the box next to “Do not ask me again” so that you are not asked when finding missing album art next time. Then click on the Get Album Artwork to retrieve the desired cover art. The artwork should be retrieved and apply in matter of seconds, if it is available in iTunes’ database.

Using Third-Party Album Artwork Software

There are other third-party software that can be helpful in finding and adding album artwork to songs and albums without cover art. These tools include an iTunes album artwork finder, Dashboard album art widget and scripts. Most of these album artwork tools follow somewhat similar route in finding missing album art. Below are the three steps commonly involved when using third-party iTunes album artwork software.

Step 1: Scanning

An album artwork finder application scans your iTunes library when launched. This way, it is able to detect all songs lacking album artwork. It also identifies all songs with incomplete tag information.

Step 2: Album artwork search

Having discovered songs and albums without artwork, an iTunes album artwork tool goes ahead to search online cover art databases and collections for the appropriate artwork. It is possible that the software may find more than one cover art for a song or album that does not have one.

Step 3: Artwork adding

From the choices of album artwork presented, you can then go ahead to determine the appropriate one for you, based on the album or song information you have. You only need to click on “Apply” to add preferred album artwork to songs in iTunes. Some tools even allow you to add album art to several songs all at once.

In addition to providing you with an array of album artwork to choose from, an iTunes album artwork tool may also enable you edit cover art pieces. You may be able to edit artwork borders as well as work on colors. A tool that allows you save cool artwork for later use would be great.

Embedding album artwork in iTunes songs

You should note that it is possible for automatically retrieved album artwork not to be embedded in songs. The issue with this is that downloaded artwork may not be available for other programs or devices, aside iTunes. If you do not want this to happen, simply do the following:

Right-click on the song to which an album artwork was automatically added recently. Then select Get Info.

Navigate to the Artwork tab and copy the album artwork you find there by right-clicking and selecting Copy or using Control + C.

Paste the artwork back in the same box by pressing Control + V on your PC. Then Click OK.

After completing the few steps above, you may not easily notice any difference in what has happened. You can confirm a change has taken place by looking at the date and time the song was last modified. Artwork will now be available when using songs outside iTunes.

Manually adding album artwork to iTunes

The possibility still exists that some iTunes album artwork may still be missing when after trying out automatic method and need an extra fix. For instance, iTunes may not be able to find cover art for albums and songs not available in its database – same may also be true for third-party album art finders. Your only option when that happens will be to add artwork manually.

1. You will need to first find the relevant artwork using online sources such as Wikipedia, Google Images and Amazon music store.

2. Select song or songs you want to add an album artwork to and navigate to File > Get Info. You may right right-click to find the option as well.

3. Click the Artwork tab and paste the artwork you found earlier into the box provided. If you saved the artwork on your computer, you can drag it into the box from its location.

4. Click the OK button and the album artwork is added to the selected file.

However insignificant some might deem album art, it is has a way of adding extra flavor to your music listening experience. The information provided in this post should help you add pieces of artwork to songs and albums lacking them.

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