How To Jailbreak IOS 8 With Pangu

Pangu8 offers IOS 8 users a versatile and easy way to jailbreak any of their Apple devices. It can be used with any version of IOS 8 from IOS 8.0 to IOS 8.1.1 as well. Installing Pangu8 does require use of a laptop or desktop computer to jailbreak your device and it is currently compatible with Windows and Mac.


The makers of Pangu highly recommend taking a couple of prerequisites before jailbreaking IOS 8. The first is to back up your device in iTunes just in case the jailbreak does not work or you need to restore the device. In addition, setting your device to airplane mode and disabling the password can increase your chances of success. Turning off the “Find my iPhone” feature in system settings will also make your jailbreak more likely to succeed.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that during the installation process, your Apple device may give a message that the memory is almost full. Pangu8 rewrites some important software as it jailbreaks, but it does not actually fill the memory of your device. Finally, under no circumstances should you delete a file called “,” because it will make your device unable to reboot.

Note: Pangu8 helps you to jailbreak IOS 8, jailbreak IOS 8.1 and can jailbreak IOS 8.1.1. Since this method is rather old, if you run on a newer firmware make sure to carefully check whether Pangu supports it or not!


  • Now that you are ready to jailbreak, you need to download Pangu8 to your computer or laptop. Make sure to get Windows or Mac, whichever matches the operating system you’re using.
  • Once Pangu8 is downloaded, then double click on the DMG file to extract the app and save it on your Desktop.
  • After Pangu8 is on your Desktop, open it. Then plug your Apple device into your computer.
  • Next, you will need to follow the instructions from Pangu8, unlock your device and select “trust.” Then Pangu8 will determine what your device model is and what firmware version you have installed.
  • Pangu8 will eventually ask you to set your device to airplane mode and then will begin the jailbreak. This process does take some time, but you do not need to do anything until your device shows a slide to upgrade button on screen. After you do this, your device will reboot and you will have Pangu and Cydia installed onto your device.

Confused? check out the video below for a visual guide:


While jailbreaking IOS 8 using Pangu8 is generally straightforward, if the installation does not work consider trying the following strategies to successfully jailbreak your device. If the installation fails, the first thing to do is to try opening and installing Pangu8 again. If this does not work, then try rebooting both your Apple device and the computer you’re using and then try jailbreaking again. Finally, if it still does not work use the restore function in Pangu8 to restore the device and then try again.

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