How To Delete Duplicates In iTunes: Easily and Efficiently

For all iTunes users, it’s pretty likely that you have come across this issue of files (songs, photos and videos) being duplicated and appearing more than once in your library. Duplication of files is however a very frustrating thing especially when you find yourself listening to cool music with your friends and the next minute you notice that one or two tracks are being played repeatedly. To solve this problem, there are simple and creative ways which you are able to use to delete those unwanted files from your iTunes store.

Removing duplicates from your iTunes on your Mac or Windows

There are two main reasons which push most iTunes users to remove duplicated files from their library. The first obvious reason is that it’s always boring when you listen to the same song being played over and over. Listening to a track once and moving to the next without having to repeat it again sounds more professional. The second reason is that duplicated files always eat up a lot of your free space. As you all know, unlike other devices, all idevices which include iPads, iPods and iPhones do not have the memory slot option meaning that they heavily rely on the remaining internal memory available after Apple and the devices’ carriers have installed all the relevant native apps. You should therefore try as much to check for duplicated files to avoid running short of memory.

While trying to find duplicated files, you can either use the “find all duplicated files” method or “find the exact duplicated files” method. If using the first method, launch iTunes then click on the “view” option in the navigation bar where you will choose the “Show all Duplicate Items” option. A list of all duplicated files in your album will appear where you will choose which files to remove.

In the second method, after a correct follow-up of the steps, iTunes will give you all the tracks which share the same name, artist and album. You will therefore be able to customize your library through removing any unwanted duplicates while keeping your album intact. These two steps will enable you to easily find all duplicated files which need to be removed from your library to save on your disc space.

Removing duplicates from your computer is a tedious task since you have to navigate through all duplicated files and remove them manually. When I talk of manually, I mean that you have to go through the normal process of selecting>>right clicking then deleting. It’s however not a challenging task if you’re dealing with maybe 20 songs in a list. The only problem is when dealing with multiple tracks since it will take you a while to complete the whole process.

A tutorial on how to remove duplicates on your Mac or Windows PC

– The first step is to go through your files and highlight which ones you want to delete.
If they are multiple songs, you can simply hold on the Command button if using Mac or the Control button if using a Windows PC to make a multiple selection.
– After that, right click then press Delete option. You will be asked whether you wish to delete the files completely from your iTunes library (click yes).
– You will later be asked whether you want to keep the files in your computer or if you wish to move them to trash.
At this point, it’s your choice to either store them in your computer or delete them completely. It actually depends with whether you may need the files in the future or not.
– Once done with deleting, you can go back to your iTunes library and re-organize your files to make them neat and easy to navigate through.
– You can also consider using this method to delete duplicates from your iTunes library.
– Launch iTunes.
– Click on the music folder which is located under the library option.
– Click on the “Show Duplicates” option from your file menu.
– You will see the number of duplicated files where you will choose the ones you wish to remove. Select them then click on the Delete option from your keyboard.
– A window will appear asking you if you’re sure whether to delete the files or not. Click on “Remove” option to continue.
– Another notification will appear asking you if the selected files exist in your iTunes library. You can click on Delete to move the duplicates to your recycle-bin or trash.

Using special app

At times, you may have a huge library which contains over 4000 songs. In such a case, identifying and deleting duplicated files will actually take you days if not hours. A special app will however be the answer to enable you perform this hectic action within minutes.

TuneUp is one of the best third party apps which are preferred to perform such tasks in a fast and efficient way. This app operates through scanning your entire iTunes library and recognizing all re-copied contents as well as aligning the files to follow a particular order.

A tutorial on how to use TuneUp in deleting duplicated files

– The first step is to import all your files to the TuneUp alternative. This can be done through selecting the “Import iTunes Library” option.
– Click on the Scan option. A pop-up window will appear notifying you of songs which need to be fixed. Click on the “Fix Missing” option so that the program can retrieve information for every track. At this point, it will highlight all duplicated songs.
– When the scanning process is over, click on the “Apply All” option so that information to every song can be applied.
– Click on “Duplicate” at the bottom then click on “Remove” to delete all duplicated files from your library.

Through applying these simple methods, you are able to customize your iTunes folder through re-arranging your files and removing unwanted duplicates to save on your disc space.

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